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Meet Max!

It's so nice to get to know everyone that supports the gel club, whether you're an actual member or just an insta supporter, it all means a lot! So today meet Max!

How long have you been in the industry?

I qualified in Sept 2014

Have you always worked in the same salon or have you worked in another salon?

I've only been in a salon for the past year, before that I was pitched up in my kitchen!

What do you love most about working in a salon? Why does it work for you?

I gives me structure, keeping my home life at home and my work life at work.

What is the most difficult thing about working in a salon?

Leaving all my gear there! It makes those late night "I'll just give that a go" a little harder!

What are your business plans for the future?

To be successful, help others & forever create art on nails

Advise you would give to others starting out?

Pressure creates diamonds, invest in training & continuously strive. Nothing is ever a failure, its only ever a lesson.

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